Filling the sink

Rinsing the glasses

Replacing the soap bag



Filling the sink

1. Switching on the Aquafox system

Press the green button once. The blue lighting in the tap will then turn on.

2. Filling the sink

The blue button refreshes 1/3 of the sink. To fill the sink completely, press the blue button 3 times.

If you have a double sink, both bins are filled one after the other.

Rinsing the glasses

When you rinse a glass, the middle green LED flashes. This means the system has registered the rinsing of the glass. During installation, the system is optimally set. After a fixed number of glasses, the AquaFox system automatically adds water and soap to the sink.

If you have a double sink, both sinks are refreshed one after the other, depending on the settings.

This is how the AquaFox system works!

Replacing the soap bag

The blue lamp lights up when the system is on. If the blue lamp flashes, the soap has run out and a new soap bag should be placed in the cabinet.

If there is no soap bag, or if it is not placed properly, the blue light will also flash. In this case, check that the soap bag is inserted properly. The instructions for this are in the soap bag.

This is how to replace the soap bag in the Aquafox system

Aquafox manuals

Download the latest versions of the Aquafox manuals.

Frequently asked questions

For now, the AquaFox soap is not available outside of the Netherlands.

Installation is carried out by certified AquaFox technicians. After the system is purchased, the service department will contact you by phone to make an installation appointment.

The beer glass cleaner is PH neutral

Yes, the system is approved according to KIWA and BelgAqua. As a result, it meets all set standards. Moreover, the system has a CE mark.

The housing within which water and soap are mixed should be within 1.5 metres of the sink. This allows the system to pump water and soap to the sink(s). The housing has the following dimensions WxDxH: 93x420x310 mm and can be placed in several ways: In cabinets, under the bar top, on the floor, on the side walls, etc. In 99% of cases, installation is no problem at all. If you expect a deviating installation please contact our service department so that we can be well prepared for the installation.

No, this poses no problem at all. The system is mountable on a double sink. The AquaFox system will refresh both the sink with soap and water and the water basin with just water. The system is fully prepared for a double sink and installation is therefore as easy as a single system.

After repeated testing with an industrial dishwasher, we can guarantee that our Aquafox system thoroughly cleans beer glasses while maintaining the hygiene of the glass!

Watch the YouTube video of the experiment we conducted to see the results.

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