Product description

The AquaFox single sink system is designed to meet the needs that businesses have for cleaning glasses in the hospitality industry. It is an advanced system that uses a unique blend of water and specially formulated, eco-friendly SUN AquaFox soap to clean and disinfect glasses while minimising water and soap usage.

The AquaFox system also features a unique monitoring system that keeps track of the number of glasses cleaned and automatically adds fresh water and soap as needed to ensure a consistent level of cleanliness and hygiene. This not only saves water and soap, but also ensures that glasses are always sparkling clean and hygienic, which is essential in the hospitality industry. Instead of just the single sink, we also offer the double sink system for larger hospitality businesses.

Flexible and easy to use

The single sink system is easy to install and can be placed in any location, making it a very flexible solution for a wide range of businesses. The SUN AquaFox soap used in the system is available from most catering wholesalers. Each box contains 2 bags of soap, with each bag capable of cleaning up to 10,000 glasses.

Difference between single sink and double sink system

The single sink system is the perfect option if you already use a single sink for cleaning glasses. The AquaFox catering tap and soap dosing is then done automatically when the system detects that the water needs to be changed. Suppose you already use a double sink, you can choose to convert both sinks to an AquaFox system. This way, you have one basin specifically with a fully automated water and soap mix (the same as a single system), and an extra basin where the water is constantly refreshed to provide an extra glass to rinse during busy times.


Aquafox System for a single sink

Directly available


one-off per system

Installation and mounting material included

With 6 years full warranty and service

Price is for a single sink system

Automatically refreshes the sink with soap and water

FREE 1 bag of SUN Aquafox beer glass cleaner

FREE 1 AquaFox Polishing Cloth

FREE 1 AquaBrush Compact