Product description

The AquaFox double sink system is designed to meet the needs of businesses that require two sinks for glass cleaning. The system features an additional AquaFox faucet that can be installed on the second sink, allowing both sinks to be served by one central water source.

When the faucet is opened, SUN AquaFox soap is automatically dosed to produce the perfect amount of foam for glass cleaning. The system is designed to save water and reduce waste, while ensuring hygienic cleaning of glasses.

The AquaFox double sink system can be easily installed and works with the SUN AquaFox soap, which is available at all catering wholesalers. Moreover, the system can be adapted to the specific needs of your establishment, such as adjusting the water pressure or adding additional AquaFox faucets.

Flexible and easy to use

The system is easy to install and can be placed in any location, making it a very flexible solution for a wide range of businesses. The SUN AquaFox soap used in the system is available from most catering wholesalers, and each box contains 2 bags of soap, with each bag capable of cleaning up to 10,000 glasses.

Difference between Double sink and Single sink system.

The double sink system is the perfect choice if you already use a double sink for cleaning your glasses. The Aquafox catering faucet is then installed on both sinks, and the soap dispenser on one of the sinks. This way, you have a sink that uses the full AquaFox system (the faucet and soap dispenser) and an extra sink that uses the faucet. You then have the option of using the full power of the AquaFox system in one sink, and an extra sink specifically with refreshed water against the extra rush. Of course, everything remains nice and automatic. A single sink is the best choice if you use one sink, and don’t have the space for a double sink, for example.


Aquafox System for a double sink

Directly available


one-off per system

Installation and mounting material included

With 6 years full warranty and service

Price is for a double sink system

Automatically refreshes the sink with water and soap in one container, and water in the other container

FREE 1 bag of SUN Aquafox beer glass cleaner

FREE 1 AquaFox Polishing Cloth

FREE 1 AquaBrush Compact