Perfectly tapped beer starts with a clean glass

A sink with an AquaFox system takes care of that

Tapping a perfect beer does not seem complicated but there is more to it than just a sink, tap and good tapping technique. Not only the tapping itself must be done properly but also the glass must be undamaged and perfectly clean. The AquaFox system offers the solution to make this happen by always making the glasses spotless by always changing the right amount of water and soap.

A clean glass starts at AquaFox

AquaFox spoelkraan

What is AquaFox?

AquaFox is a unique regulation system that keeps the water-soap ratio in the sink at optimal levels.

Schoon gespoeld glas


The AquaFox adds soap and fresh water based on the number of glasses rinsed. This ongoing process stops bacterial growth and guarantees a clean glass.

Hygiënisch water spoelen in de spoelbak


The AquaFox system saves you an average of 20,000 litres of clean drinking water per month per sink.

Perfect getapt bier

Automatic system

The AquaFox system works fully automatically, focusing on your guests instead of the sink.

How does it work?

  1. We install a new faucet with underflow pipe. There are buttons on this sink tap that allow you to operate the system.
  2. The system itself is placed or hung near the sink. A soap cassette with soap bag is also placed in this system.
  3. Sensors automatically detect the number of glasses rinsed. As a result, the system knows exactly when to change the rinsing water.

Calculate your savings

Based on the savings we see from our customers, we have created a calculation model to estimate the total savings of the Aquafox system. Slide the sliders to the values that apply to your situation to see how much water you can save. Because the AquaFox only refreshes when glasses are rinsed, water consumption is on average only 30% compared to conventional rinsing.

Number of sinks


Opening hours per day


Opening days per year


Your water saving (per year)


which is equivalent to


Payback period of the AquaFox system:


*These values are based on averages and may vary from one situation to another. Contact one of our experts to determine how beneficial AquaFox is for you.

Energy consumption

The AquaFox system uses the water pressure on the pipe network and consumes only a few kWh per year itself. The costs are on average less than 8£ each year.

Wondering if an AquaFox system is right for your business?

Completely non-binding, no strings attached.

The benefits summarised

Clean glasses, better beer and sustainable water conservation
Automatic clean water in the sink
Delivery, installation and maintenance by our own fitters
6-year warranty on the entire system
Sustainable solution
Fully adjustable, so also for your situation
Fits every sink. Already found a good installation solution for 4,000 locations.

Purchase options

direct purchase of a single sink system
€1.295,-one-off per system
  • Including installation and mounting material
  • With 6 years full warranty and service
  • Price is for a single sink
  • Automatically refreshes the sink with water and soap
  • -
Direct purchase double sink system
€1.395,-one-off per system
  • Including installation and mounting material
  • With 6 years full warranty and service
  • Price is for a double sink
  • The sink with water and soap is automatically refreshed
  • The sink with single water is also automatically refreshed

Full warranty

You call, we come!

AquaFox believes it is important to give all systems a full warranty. For example, our systems are often located in damp places and water and soap pass through the pipes. To guarantee perfect operation for this, maintenance is required. With our full warranty, you are assured of an optimally functioning system by a free breakdown service. No call-out charges, no labour and no material costs.


For the purchase of multiple systems, we can prepare a customised quotation without obligation. To do so, please contact us at or call +31 (0) 70 3244723.

All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.

All systems are supplied with one bag of soap upon purchase.

Frequently asked questions

For now, there is no availability for the AquaFox soap outside of the Netherlands. When we have availability to ship and/or provide this soap outside of the Netherlands, it will be available through our webshop in this website.

Installation is carried out by certified AquaFox technicians. After the system is purchased, the service department will contact you by phone to make an installation appointment.

The beer glass cleaner is PH neutral

Yes, the system is approved according to KIWA and BelgAqua. As a result, it meets all set standards. Moreover, the system has a CE mark.

The housing within which water and soap are mixed should be within 1.5 metres of the sink. This allows the system to pump water and soap to the sink(s). The housing has the following dimensions WxDxH: 93x420x310 mm and can be placed in several ways: In cabinets, under the bar top, on the floor, on the side walls, etc. In 99% of cases, installation is no problem at all. If you expect a deviating installation please contact our service department so that we can be well prepared for the installation.

No, this poses no problem at all. The system is mountable on a double sink. The AquaFox system will refresh both the sink with soap and water and the water basin with just water. The system is fully prepared for a double sink and installation is therefore as easy as a single system.

After repeated testing with an industrial dishwasher, we can guarantee that our Aquafox system thoroughly cleans beer glasses while maintaining the hygiene of the glass!

Watch the YouTube video of the experiment we conducted to see the results.

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