Spotless glasses

Windows are best cleaned by drying them. So why brush glasses? AquaBrush is a rinsing brush that, thanks to the use of very airy foam, brushes your glasses streak-free.

Original or Compact

AquaBrush is available in two versions. The Original offers you the ultimate in convenience and efficiency. The Compact is suitable for rinsing many large glasses as well.

AquaBrush Compact

Small rotation of the hand required
Rinse 2 glasses at a time
Suitable for various glasses, including large beer chalices
Easy to clean and dishwasher-safe
Compact dimensions: 210x100mm

AquaBrush Original

Minimal hand rotation required
Pairable with a 2nd AquaBrush Original
Suitable for various glasses
Easy to clean and dishwasher-safe
Dimensions: 190x170mm (single); 260x170mm (paired)

Hand disinfection for customers, visitors and staff

The SaniFox is a simple refillable alcohol dispenser suitable for disinfectant. With its large capacity, the SaniFox can be used a lot and for a long time. The sturdy stainless steel casing ensures that the dispenser can take a beating and is easy to clean. The SaniFox uses a product based on 80% alcohol. This remedy has been approved by the WHO. The high percentage of alcohol ensures that virus particles are damaged beyond repair.

Wall or column mounting
Easily replaceable reservoir
Large 2-litre reservoir
Ironclad design
Easy to clean
Local production

Soft nanofibres

The AquaFox Nano Polishing Cloth is a silky soft glass, polishing and tea towel in one. The cloth can absorb enormous amounts of moisture. The polishing cloth is woven with a nano fibre. This fine weave and perfect combination of materials ensure that there is no similar polishing cloth on the market. With 1000x finer fibres than microfibre, our Nano Polishing Cloths lift dirt, dust and grease from the pores of the glass like a sponge.

This cloth rapidly absorbs a multiple of its own weight in moisture. It also dries extremely quickly and can even be used moist. This halves the time normally needed for polishing.

For spotless glasses

Sun Professional AquaFox soap is a concentrated beer glass cleaner. This soap was developed in collaboration with Heineken and Sun. This allows the soap to clean glasses in sinks with cold water very effectively.

The soap can only be used in combination with an AquaFox system. The system automatically doses the soap into the sink. As a result, the water-soap ratio always remains optimal. We had the rinse water with this soap tested for the harmlessness of corona particles. For this test, a sample of the rinse water was taken to which the corona virus was added.

Ensures streak-free degreasing, even with cold water
Effortlessly removes lipstick and other contaminants
Particularly effective in destroying COVID-19 particles
Odourless and tasteless: no need to rinse afterwards
Highly concentrated: Each two-litre bag rinses as many as 10,000 glasses

AquaFox soap can be ordered from our webshop. It is also stocked as standard at catering wholesalers: