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AquaFox for the large hospitality sector

Its simple operation and durability make AquaFox’s rinsing system particularly suitable for the large catering business such as hotels, chains, concert halls and event locations. Even in the large catering business, a customer can only fully enjoy a good drink when it is served in a clean glass. AquaFox delivers spotless, clean glasses.

AquaFox adjusts automatically and continuously. Sensors detect the number of glasses rinsed and the system adjusts the frequency of water refreshment to this number. The system uses water and soap as efficiently as possible. Anyone can work with an AquaFox. This brings convenience to your staff and saves on water bills. Be socially responsible and efficient with AquaFox.


You save an average of 20,000 litres of clean drinking water per month per sink. As a result, you save an average of €50 per month depending on your location.


The system uses special soap that leaves the glasses sparkling clean. Viruses and bacteria have no chance to spread as a result. Moreover, the foam stays longer in a clean glass.


The AquaFox system works fully automatically. Focus on your guests instead of the sink.

The AquaFox system

AquaFox is a unique regulation system. It optimises the amount of water and soap in the sink. The system detects how many glasses have been rinsed. Based on this detection, the soap and water supply are automatically adjusted. As a result, glasses are always cleaned in optimal conditions. On average, the AquaFox system uses only 30% of the amount of water compared to conventional rinsing. This makes it the most sustainable method for cleaning glasses.

Clean glasses, better beer and sustainable water conservation
Delivery, installation and maintenance by our own fitters
6-year warranty on the entire system
Fully adjustable to your situation
Fits any sink

We save water together

We thank our 4,000 Dutch and Belgian customers for the huge water savings they have delivered over the past 10 years from:

10,7 billion litres

Wondering if an AquaFox system is right for your business?

Completely non-binding, no strings attached.

How sustainable are your clean glasses?

Vaatwasser Waterkraan AquaFox kraan
Dishwasher Faucet AquaFox
Suitable for beer glasses Cross Check Check
Sustainable Cross Cross Check
Glasses immediately ready for use Cross Check Check
Energy consumption (per year) 5.253 kWh 0 kWh 29 kWh
Water consumption (per year) 55.822 Litres 460.000 Litres 138.000 Litres
Cost (per year) €1.346,- €1.150,- €351,-
Geschikt voor bierglazen Cross
Duurzaam Cross
Glazen direct klaar voor gebruik Cross
Energieverbruik (per jaar) 5.253 kWh
Waterverbruik (per jaar) 55.822 Liter
Kosten (per jaar) €1.346,-
Geschikt voor bierglazen Check
Duurzaam Cross
Glazen direct klaar voor gebruik Check
Energieverbruik (per jaar) 0 kWh
Waterverbruik (per jaar) 460.000 Liter
Kosten (per jaar) €1.150,-
AquaFox kraan
Geschikt voor bierglazen Check
Duurzaam Check
Glazen direct klaar voor gebruik Check
Energieverbruik (per jaar) 29 kWh
Waterverbruik (per jaar) 138.000 Liter
Kosten (per jaar) €351,-

Usage based on average annual consumption of 234,000 glasses. Energy price based on €0.23 per kWh. Water price based on €2.50 per m³.

Why not use a dishwasher?

The dishwasher consumes a lot of energy due to its high temperature. The huge energy consumption is not only bad for the environment but also for your wallet. It also uses an aggressive detergent. Because it is a closed system, heavier detergents can be used. These are not only bad for the environment, but the fumes from a dishwasher can also be harmful to your employees.

In conventional rinsing, the water tap is turned open. Here, the water refreshment is not automatically and continuously adjusted to the number of glasses rinsed. If staff do not constantly adjust the refreshment to the number of glasses flushed, a lot of water is consumed unnecessarily.

Because the AquaFox system refreshes only when glasses are rinsed, the glasses are always cleaned in optimal conditions. As a result, the glasses become brilliantly clean without wasting a drop. Because the AquaFox system works with water pressure, it consumes very little energy. So with an AquaFox system, you not only clean the glassware better but also more sustainably and at the lowest cost.

Score extra points on water saving for the Green Key label with the AquaFox. Go to the Green Key website for more information.

Our Master Savers:

Calculate your savings

Based on the savings we see from our customers, we have created a calculation model to estimate the total savings of the Aquafox system. Slide the sliders to the values that apply to your situation to see how much water you can save. Because the AquaFox only refreshes when glasses are rinsed, water consumption is on average only 30% compared to conventional rinsing.

Number of sinks


Opening hours per day


Opening days per year


Your water saving (per year)


which is equivalent to


Payback period of the AquaFox system:


*These values are based on averages and may vary from one situation to another. Contact one of our experts to determine how beneficial AquaFox is for you.

Customised quote?

For a large hospitality company, a quote is tailor-made. When purchasing multiple systems, AquaFox can provide a customised quote. Would you like such a customised quote without any obligation? Feel free to contact us via one of the channels below.

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