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AquaFox for your club, restaurant or café

The sustainable hospitality faucet that saves water and energie

An AquaFox system takes away all worries around rinsing glasses through its unique combination of water-saving hospitality faucet and soap dispensing. The water and soap supply are automatically controlled throughout the day without you even noticing. The temperature of the rinse water is kept constant and staff no longer have to worry about the faucet or soap dispensing in future. This leaves staff with more time for the guest.


The AquaFox system uses special soap that leaves the glasses sparkling clean. Viruses and bacteria have no chance of spreading as a result. Moreover, the head stays longer in a clean glass.


The AquaFox system saves you an average of 20,000 litres of clean drinking water per month per sink due to the special catering faucet and soap. This results in average savings of €50 per month depending on your location.


The AquaFox system works fully automatically and autonomously, focusing on your guests instead of the sink. The catering faucet installed on multiple sinks automatically refreshes the water per sink, dispensing more soap when the system senses it is needed.

The water saving system

AquaFox is a unique regulation system that keeps the water-soap ratio in the sink at optimal levels. Because the AquaFox system refreshes only when glasses are rinsed, the glasses are always cleaned in optimal conditions. The AquaFox system consumes on average only 30% of the amount of water compared to conventional rinsing, making it the most sustainable method of cleaning your glasses crystal clear.

Clean glasses, better beer and sustainable water conservation
Delivery, installation and maintenance by our own fitters
6-year warranty on the entire system
Fully adjustable to your situation
Fits any sink

The facuet and soap dispenser in action

  1. We install a new catering facuet with underflow pipe. There are buttons on this catering facuet that allow you to operate the system in no time.
  2. The compact system itself is placed or hung near the sink. A soap cassette with soap bag is also placed in this system so that everything is nicely placed in one place.
  3. Sensors automatically detect the number of glasses rinsed. As a result, the system knows exactly when to change the rinse water, or when to dose extra soap.

Wondering if an AquaFox system is right for your business?

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Purchase options

direct purchase of a single sink system
€1.295,-one-off per system
  • Including installation and mounting material
  • With 6 years full warranty and service
  • Price is for a single sink
  • Automatically refreshes the sink with water and soap
  • -
Direct purchase double sink system
€1.395,-one-off per system
  • Including installation and mounting material
  • With 6 years full warranty and service
  • Price is for a double sink
  • The sink with water and soap is automatically refreshed
  • The sink with single water is also automatically refreshed

Full warranty

You call, we come!

AquaFox believes it is important to give all systems a full guarantee for the hospitality industry. Our systems are often in damp places and water and soap pass through the pipes. To ensure perfect operation, maintenance is required. With our full warranty, you are assured of an optimally functioning system by a free breakdown service. No call-out charges, no labour and no material costs.


Do you belong to the larger hospitality sector? For the purchase of multiple systems, we can draw up a customised quotation without obligation. Contact us at or call +31 (0) 70 3244723.

All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.

All systems are supplied with one bag of soap upon purchase.