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AquaFox for the association

The advantages of the AquaFox system also apply to your association. The AquaFox system ensures that the sink is automatically refreshed based on the rinsed glasses/hard cups.The continuously running tap is turned off and there is no need to manually dispense soap.

Anyone can work with an AquaFox. This brings convenience to your staff/volunteers and also saves on water bills.

With AquaFox, glasses/hardcups are perfectly cleaned easily, hygienically, sustainably and at the lowest cost. One only has to switch on the system at the beginning of the day to automatically control the water and soap supply. The temperature of the rinse water is kept constant and staff no longer have to worry about the tap or soap dispensing in future. Allowing staff to focus fully on the customer.

How does an AquaFox system work?

  1. We install a new flush valve with underflow pipe. There are buttons on this sink tap that allow you to operate the system.
  2. The system itself is placed or hung near the sink. A soap cassette with soap bag is also placed in this system.
  3. Sensors automatically detect the number of glasses rinsed. As a result, the system knows exactly when to change the rinsing water.


The AquaFox system uses special soap that leaves the glasses sparkling clean. This gives viruses and bacteria no chance to spread. Moreover, the foam stays longer and firmer in a clean glass.


On average, the AquaFox system uses only 30% of the amount of water and soap compared to regular rinsing. See here the test results commissioned by the KNVB


The AquaFox system works fully automatically, focusing on your guests instead of the sink.


Cleaning with AquaFox is not only the most sustainable solution, it is also the cheapest. Per glass, it is up to 20 times cheaper than the dishwasher and 3 times cheaper than traditional rinsing.

Purchase options

direct purchase of a single sink system
€1.295,-one-off per system
  • Including installation and mounting material
  • With 6 years full warranty and service
  • Price is for a single sink
  • Automatically refreshes the sink with water and soap
  • -
Direct purchase double sink system
€1.395,-one-off per system
  • Including installation and mounting material
  • With 6 years full warranty and service
  • Price is for a double sink
  • The sink with water and soap is automatically refreshed
  • The sink with single water is also automatically refreshed

Member of the Green club and curious whether an AquaFox system is suitable for your club?

Of course, completely non-binding, no strings attached.

Frequently asked questions

Beer glasses should never be put in the dishwasher, as this causes glass corrosion. Other disadvantages of a dishwasher are the high energy consumption and the use of aggressive chemicals. These are bad for the hardcups, causing them to wear out faster, and of course it is not good for the environment. We therefore recommend cleaning hardcups mainly in the sink, as this is fast, efficient, sustainable and cost-saving.

The AquaFox system offers many advantages, hardcups and glasses are cleaned quickly and are immediately ready for use. As the system is fully automatic, anyone can easily use it. Because the system uses water only when needed, you will earn back the system. Depending on how many glasses you rinse and whether you use a dishwasher, you will earn the system back within 2-10 years.

There are over 5,000 locations that have been working with AquaFox for years; well-known locations include Loetje, Paradiso, Hotel New York, Ziggo Dome and many others.

For now, the soap is unavailable outside of the Netherlands.

The AquaFox system is installed by our AquaFox fitters. The cost for this is included in the purchase price. After installation, you have a 6-year warranty, if the system does not work properly you can call us and the fault will be fixed free of charge.

Some of our 5,000 customers speaking:

Full warranty

AquaFox believes it is important to give all systems a full warranty. Our systems are often located in damp places and water and soap pass through the pipes. Maintenance is required to ensure perfect operation. With our full warranty, you are assured of an optimally functioning system by a free breakdown service. You call, we come! No call-out charges, no labour and no material costs.


For the purchase of multiple systems, we can provide a customised quote without obligation. Please contact us at or call +31 (0) 70 3244723.

All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.

All systems are supplied with one bag of soap upon purchase.