Get perfectly tapped beers, while saving water and energy costs

To make sure the water stays fresh in the sink, people constantly leave the faucet running just a little bit. This is not optimal because if many glasses are rinsed, a lot of refreshment is needed. If no glasses are rinsed, unnecessary water and soap is used and wasted. The solution to this is the water-saving AquaFox system. This water-saving system measures how many glasses are rinsed and, after a set number, adds fresh water and soap to the sink.

Industry sectors

Our Aquafox system is designed for different sectors and standardised to meet the needs of any business, regardless of area. Explore our sectors to find out more.

Horeca interieur

Catering around the corner

A clean glass ensures an optimal experience and a satisfied customer. AquaFox keeps your quality high.

Corporate gebouw

The Big Boys

Water bills can add up considerably. Sustainable business has never been easier.

Associations and Clubs

The third half is also very important. The system makes rinsing the glasses so easy that it can be done by anyone.

Saving Water Together

We thank our 4,000 Dutch and Belgian customers for the huge water savings they have delivered over the past 10 years from:

10,7 billion litres

The perfect combination of
durability and hygiene.

A Sustainable Solution for Pop Stages and Festivals 

By investing in reusable cups and the Aquafox system, companies can save money by reducing their reliance on disposable cups.

Is AquaFox for me?

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Tailor-made offer

You also want to benefit from its durability, class and convenience, but how much does it actually cost?

Need service?

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How do you pour the perfect beer?

Do you have what it takes to tap the perfect beer? With the Aquafox system, a clean and hygienic beer glass is all it takes to make it happen!

Customer success stories

Hear what some of our 4,000 customers have to say about their water-saving experiences

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